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As an expert webmaster and programmer, Julian is able to plug into nearly any aspect of launching and running a successful website. From tiny brochure websites on up to business-critical multiple-server applications, you’ll be in good hands. WordPress is typically used as the platform for smaller projects, but websites and applications can also be custom developed from scratch using other technologies as needed.

Through use of freely available WordPress themes that have been judiciously customized, you can have a sophisticated and modern-looking website at modest cost. Seen at right is a screen grab from this website’s homepage to give you an example of a lightly-customized WordPress theme (original theme: "Emmett Lite"). Or provide your own design and Crunch42 will render it as a pixel-perfect and responsive WordPress theme.

Types of Websites

  • Order Management Systems
  • Office Management
  • Member Websites
  • Online Stores / Shopping Carts
  • Directory / Portal Websites
  • Content Management Systems
  • Database-Backed Websites
  • Events Registration
  • Basic Web Brochures
  • Blogs and Feeds


If you’re not familiar with WordPress, just know that it makes launching and maintaining a professional website much faster and easier than it used to be. That’s why it’s the most popular website publishing software currently in existence. In addition to general WordPress-related activities such as installation, configuration, data entry, and maintenance, Julian can help with advanced operations such as:

  • Custom theme creation or editing,
  • Custom plugin creation,
  • Security hardening, and
  • Salvaging virus-infected WordPress installations.


Whether you’re setting up your store for the first time or you have a store that you want updated, you’ve come to the right place. Julian keeps up-to-date with current best practices in order to get your customers to the Buy Now button as quickly as possible.

Website Optimization

Technology is always advancing so websites need ongoing maintenance and security upgrades in order to keep them firing on all cylinders. Two upgrades all business owners should consider going forward is a responsive design so their website looks good in all devices, and to have an SSL certificate “always on”. Both of these are purported to help with Google listings/rankings, and Crunch42 can implement both.

Technical Infrastructure

All the stuff that a website needs in order to be online 24/7 is probably stuff that you’d rather not think about. Things like hosting, domain names, servers, SSL certificates. Leave all of this to Crunch42 and you’ll know you’re getting quality services at a fair price.

What Don’t We Do?

As a tech-centric freelancer, Julian maintains relationships with other entities who can handle the more creative aspects of websites: branding and marketing, logo design, visual design, videos, etc. Ask for a referral, or bring your own people to the table.