Estimates can be provided for any project. However, the hourly rate is what determines the fee. Julian’s rate is $95 per hour billed in one second increments.

Assistants can work on larger projects and handle repetitive items, data entry, maintenance, etc, at a variable rate disclosed before work commences. All assistant work is reviewed by Julian.

Example Pricing

  • Simple brochure website with five pages and contact form, all built with WordPress using a free design template: $415 plus $30 for stock photos, $99/year for hosting and $10/year for the domain name.
  • Complex WordPress-based database site implementation. Custom template from provided Photoshop design, user management, emailing, online payments: $2400
  • Add PDF generator to existing database site to make custom invoices: $645
  • Add an Authorize.net merchant account integration to an existing custom shopping cart: $255
  • Complicated custom pricing calculator added to existing brochure site: $325

Request an estimate to get a range of implementation options for your project.

Payment Terms

Fees are due as they are incurred, but will normally be charged at the end of each week while your project is in development. Julian’s secure billing system will store your credit card information for weekly charges. You may propose alternate billing terms.

You will be charged for the time spent on your project. This includes phone calls, emailing, and of course coding. You are not charged for lunch or any kind of break.

Third-Party Fees

Fees for third-party services may include:

The yearly domain name (www.yourwebsite.com) fee is $25. If you register it yourself (recommended), it may only be $10/year.

Basic hosting is provided by Julian through a Dallas data center at $99/year. This is sufficient for most small to medium websites.

Upgraded hosting servers are available and exact fees will depend on required server resources. Virtual private servers, the next step up from basic hosting, start at $50/month. For full dedicated server hosting ($200+/month), Julian will manage your website, but you will be contracted directly with the third party hosting service (typically Amazon AWS) and you will pay their service fees directly.

This provides the “lock symbol” in your browser’s address bar. Google highly recommends that all websites have a SSL certificate. Julian can provide and install one for $69/year.

Ongoing Costs

If your website is made with WordPress, it will need to be updated to the latest version at least twice a year. You can do this yourself in a few minutes, or Crunch42 can handle it. This will come to about $10 to $20 per year.

Domain name(s), hosting, and SSL certificates (see previous section) are all ongoing yearly fees. The three of these, if handled by Crunch42, come to $193/year for basic hosting.

Technology evolves, and some years down the road you may find your website needs new features or even a complete update. Fees for this will depend on the extent of the updates.